Do Kids Have to Go to a Pediatric Dentist?

Do Kids Have
to Go to a
Pediatric Dentist?



Pediatric Dentists are the “pediatricians” of dentistry. Dr. Veneberg has two extra years of pediatric training beyond dental school. Some families take their children to see pediatric dentists, while others choose to bring everyone to a family dental office.

Here are some of the most common oral health situations where your child would need to see a local Scottsdale pediatric dentist like Dr. Candace Veneberg:

There are Early Orthodontic Problems

Early diagnosis and growth modification are some of the unique services offered in our pediatric dental office. Early intervention techniques can help your child avoid complex bite issues later on in their development. Especially if they suck their thumb, pacifier or mouth breathe day and/or night.

Dr. Veneberg is a certified provider for HealthyStart®. Treatment with the HealthyStart® Appliance System promotes natural growth and development and is safe and effective. HealthyStart® is non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, pain-free and non-invasive therapy, is soft, comfortable and worn at night (or as directed) to assist parents who struggle with children affected by Sleep Related Breathing Disorder, a restricted airway, and crowded or crooked teeth.

Dr. Veneberg also works closely with multiple Orthodontists to collaborate for the best possible care for your child.


Your Child Has a Special Need

Pediatric dental experts spend an extensive amount of time working with children who have special medical or behavioral needs. From Autism and Down Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, a  pediatric dentist is familiar with your child’s physical and behavioral health in ways that a general family practice may not be.

Dr. Veneberg completed her pediatric residency at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas where she trained at Children’s and Texas Scottish Rite Hospitals. Over 80% of her pediatric training was helping children with common and rare medical conditions.

There’s No Way Your Kids Will Sit Through Their Treatment

Our pediatric dentistry team is highly experienced in working with all children. We like to build trust and confidence with your child to have the best possible experience in our office. If your child suffers from anxiety or dental phobia, we offer desensitization visits to help your child become more comfortable.

If your child sees an occupational or behavioral therapist, we invite them to accompany your child to any dental visit. We also can work with your child’s therapist to coordinate extra time for therapy to be conducted in our private room.

As a specialty pediatric dental care office, we also offer age-appropriate behavior guided techniques-like tell-show-do and distraction. We also offer provide nitrous oxide and general anesthesia if necessary.

They Have an Abscessed Tooth

Dental abscesses cause severe pain and an increased risk of spreading into your child’s face. Although baby teeth eventually fall out at some point anyway, premature tooth loss can lead to permanent changes in your child’s orofacial development. Treating the abscess and preserving the tooth is “best” in regard to the overall future of your little patient’s smile.

Looking for the Best Pediatric Dentist in Scottsdale for Your Children?

Little White Tooth offers comprehensive children’s dentistry in a fun, state-of-the-art facility. Our friendly staff is great with kids and attentive to the unique needs of a child’s smile. Feel free to call or contact our Scottsdale office directly at any time to request an appointment. We also have easy online scheduling. Referrals are not needed, but happily accepted!

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